September 2002
Hoolahan will be supporting The Vines & 78 Saab in Sydney at The Metro on Sunday 29 September. The show sold out weeks ago, so if you don’t have a ticket you can meet us downstairs at Timezone and challenge us to a game of Air Hockey!
May 2002
Hoolahan are putting the finishing touches to their second album. Catch them playing some of their new tunes at the Roma Room (@ the the Metro in Sydney) on Friday 7th May with Sarah Dougher (USA) and Origami (Melbourne).

“Sarah Dougher’s voice puts on masks, creating a myriad of roles. Imagine DUSTY SPRINGFIELD singing LUCINDA WILLIAMS songs over the music of THE SMITHS.”

September 2000
Hoolahan step out after months of training to battle the Sydney gridlock with 2 shows during the Olympics. These will be Hoolahan’s last shows for 2000 as various members of the band are heading off overseas to find themselves or alternatively lose themselves…
Sunday 17 September, Belmore Park [near Central Station], with Golden Rough & The Vines. Webcast on Triple J.
Wednesday 27 September, Hopetoun Hotel, with Ides of Space

June 2000
Hoolahan are officially “back” and ready to strut some rock n roll action in a town near you. In fact, they kick things off with their first Sydney shows in over 6 months:
Friday 16 June, Hopetoun Hotel [cnr Foveaux and Bourke Sts, Surry Hills]
Saturday 24 June, Annandale Hotel [Parramatta Rd, Annandale]

May 2000
Hoolahan’s King Autumn has been nominated for best debut independent album of the year at the Australian Music Critics Awards in Adelaide. It is up against Killing Heldi, Iota as well as Alex Lloyd.

October & November 1999
Hoolahan are hitting the road in October and November to launch their debut album King Autumn with gigs in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane. Click here for tour dates as they are announced…

King Autumn 4 October 1999
After several hard months in the making and almost a year of playing the waiting game, Hoolahan’s debut album King Autumn has finally hit the stores! It is released officially 4 October on Ivy League Records, distributed by V2 Records.
The album features the current single Diary of a Dam Buster, which is already receiving airplay on radio and television. Help give the Hoolahan juggernaut a kick in the pants by requesting Diary of a Dam Buster.

1 October 1999
Hoolahan start off their King Autumn tour with a spot at this year’s Weekender at Glenworth Valley. Featuring acts such as: Offspring, Foo Fighters, Suede, Jebadiah, Ben Lee, Gerling, Eskimo Joe, Fountains of Wayne, Evan Dando, Area 7, Jimmy Little, Not from there, Alex Lloyd, The Avalanches, Underground Lovers, Josh Abrahams, Sidewinder, 78 Saab and many more.
Hoolahan play on the Cinema Stage at 7pm Friday 1st October 1999.
Click on the Weekender picture for more details… Weekender
1 September 1999
Never one to twiddle the thumbs, Tim has been busy lending some guitar and keyboard tracks to the new Evan Dando album. Under the keen production eye of one Wayne Connolly, the album will feature interpretations of country tunes by the likes of Hank Williams, Gram Parsons and Fred Neil.

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